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April 11, 2016

Hello lovelies,

for only one or two selfies or pictures from outfits I won't make a seperate blog entry but rather upload it on Instagram, facebook or twitter.
So here will be a list of selfies, fashion coords and outfit of the days, in a chronological order.


A full innocent world coord, with my tomcat Raha interfearing again. He likes to be on my pictures.
I wore this for a cold day and since then I can't find these shoes anymore. I know they must be somewhere...


This is a very dark Larme coord. The top is from Swankiss, everything else is offbrand..
The whole outfit felt too simple for me. This was also the first time I wore the top and I am thinking about keeping it (it's still on my sale list) but it is growing on me.


A work selfie! I am always so bored at work..meh. But soon I'll change my job, although I still don't know what I want to do.
The cardigan is from Liz lisa and the JSK is from Innocent world. The headbow is from Btssb and the blouse is from Angelic pretty.
And here is the full coord:


This is another, I am bored work selfie. The necklace was a gift from Yvy. I bought the floral dress in Bukarest (a really amazing city.) I like the colours of this picture, it really pops out.
I handstitched the pearls on the top myself.

I was bored and waited for the massage to begin...
It was a bad massage and in the end I was really happy to have had a voucher. The necklace is Hermione's time-turner. I am a real potterhead, although my house would be a mixture between Hufflepuff and Slytherin, whereas I prefer Hufflepuff.

Another, I am so bored at work. MEH
I didn't manage to have that colour sheme from my selfie from 4.4. but nevermind.

And that was it,

all the best,


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