My fashion year 2016

January 04, 2017

Hello lovelies,

it's time for the fashion year 2016 post. I better name for it would be "Everything-not-lolita-fashion".
I again took the tumblr notes for the ranking.


 A friend was in Vienna that weekend and we took some pictures on my staircase. It was very hot that August day but we still had deliciours hot chocolate and cupcakes.
Dress: Lily.J

I went for a Risa Nakamura Pheromone fetish look here. My eyes look huge. This picture was the first picture on my instagram to reach over 200 likes, on tumblr it only has 73 notes.
Shoes: DreamV
Bag: Swimmer
Skirt: Primark
Top and hairbow : Jesus Diamante


I called this look Christmas barbie, for obvious reasons. I bought the dress year ago for a birthday party and never once worn it since. Good to know I didn't gain that much weight.
Hairbow: Jesus Diamante
Dress: New Yorker
Shoes: Tally Weijl


This was a coord for university. I always feel so overdressed there even though in my eyes it was a perfectly casual outfit. Oh well.
Top: Liz lisa


I bought this Swankiss dress second hand from a Facebook community. It was so cheap too! Lucky me. Some of the Swankiss items are very tight at my boobs but not this one. Bless it.
Jsk: Swankiss
Shoes: DreamV


The peignoir is vintage and I bought it over etsy. Even though I like the coord I don't have it in good memories. A really obnoxious man talked to me for ages on the street and didn't let me leave. There is a reason why I am wearing earphones, goddamn.
Peignoir: Vintage
Dress: New Yorker
Blouse: Lily.J


The pictures are a bit blurry (I still need a new camera..duh). I got the mon lily overdress the day before and had to make a coord with it. And white and pink is just my colour combination.
Dress: Primark
Overdress: Mon Lily
Shoes: Deichmann

This was actually a "quick, do a picture of me at work" outfit. Still happy that my colleague bears with it. The combination of pastel pink and black recently grew on me, but white and pastel pink is still my all time favourite.
Shoes: Deichmann
Jsk: H&M
Bolero: Orsay


I wore this outfit for the second day of Dokomi. I just threw something in my suitcase and this really messy coord was the result. Not doing that again, even though it go the second most notes. Meh. But I really liked my make-up <3 .="" br="">
Dress: Miauler Mew
Peignoir: Vintage

I wore this coord for the Leipzig book faire (LBM). It is still one of my favourite looks from 2016. The dress was suuuper short though.
Dress: Liz Lisa
Shoes: Swankiss
Rest: offbrand

All the best,

Aurîs Lothol

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