floral lolita dress

February 26, 2017

Hello lovelies,

this blog is not dead. I was just super busy in February. I made my diploma and I am officially a social media manager now. Wuhu. My paper was due on the 19th of February and I was writing like mad. But now I finally have the time to blog again and I even finished my floral lolita dress yesterday.

My sewing pattern was from an otome no sewing magazine. I can't remember the number but I think it was from the first issue.
I made the pattern for the top but cut the skirt in one huge rectangle.

Of course my cat thought it was a good idea to sit on my fabric, as always. I understand her interest in my fabric but it doesn't help if she keeps attacking my scissors.

This was my pattern for the top. I folded the fabric so that one big flower would be directly in the middle of the front part.

And it worked out! At that point I already had sewed together the top part. The skirt is in pleats because it was easier to handle on the doll. I made those pleats without a ruler and just my eye measurements and it worked out really well. Yey!
The skirt looks really short but that's intentional because I wanted to add ruffles to it.

Close-up of the top part.

For the top part I tried out three different laces and this style. In my head it looked nice. Well, it didn't in real life.
The top looked really granny styled with it so I kicked the idea in the trash and continued with normal lace.

This was the second lace I tried, I didn't even take picture of the first one. I left it like that for a few days until I realized I didn't want that style either. So lace number three makes its appearance in a few pictures.

But first the skirt part.
I am so sorry for the bad pictures quality. I tend to quickly snap a picture with my mobile phone instead of doing it with the real camera.
Here I had already added the bottom frill part and the lace.

This is how it would have looked like with the top frills but I didn't like how random it looked like. I set it down a few centimetres.

I added some more lace to the top frill part and added a belt. I later kicked the belt part and directly connected top and skirt part.

The frills looked so nice in this position. /random

Afterwards I sewed the lace on the dress I cut the top part to leave only this ~5mm seam.

Here the lace has been set down already but I still didn't like it. So a few cm down it went again...and then I was finally satisfied.

I then chose to use the same lace for the skirt and top. I hand sewed it to the top because I thought it looked nicer. Also, I could hide the stitches.

I did the same for the skirt part. I thought I would sit for ages but it didn't really take long.

There are no pictures of the waist ties, it seems like I totally forgot about them...oops. They are detachable and held with a small white heart-shaped button.
Things I didn't take pictures of:
the lining
the waist ties

And here are pictures of the finished dress.

How do you like the dress?
All the best,

Aurîs Lothol

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2 Kommentare

  1. That dress is gorgeous! Really great work on the ruffles at the bottom, they take it from being a simple but pretty dress to being really lovely.