Game City in Vienna

October 17, 2017

Hello lovelies,

Game city, a mini games convention, opened its doors again in Vienna. They held the event at a beautiful site, the town hall of Vienna. I was there the very first time the convention took place a few years ago and then didn't go for a few years, therefore I was very surprised how big it was and how much it grew. There were almost no food booths and only a few game stalls the first time. This time there were food trucks, merchandise shops and a big outdoor stage. I was at Gamescom in Germany once and it is still no comparison but nevertheless I was happy about the upgrade.
I took L with me and we met at 12:45 (I was on time, hooray!). There was a small queue outside already because all bags were checked but it definitely took us less than 5 minutes to enter the grounds, which was a huge thumbs up.
The first thing we did was get us an 18+ festival band because we also wanted to play the grown-up games. Haha. It was then I realized I had forgotten my purse at home. Damn. But I still got my band even though I had no ID. Phew.
We waited for about 15-30min to play the first game, Detroit-Become human. While we waited we got sour-gumi sweets, a bottle opener and a chap-stick. PS4 really didn't hold back with their merchandise. L and I then played the game and I managed to get a very stable end. The game was really good, I like it. It is already on my Amazon wishlist. Haha.
Then we roamed around and I just love being in the town hall. It is so beautiful.

 I have a thing for big chandeliers.

The next game we waited for was Assassin's creed. Now I am a big fan of the games, my favourite parts were with Ezio. Renaissance Italy was a stunning setting.
 This time we waited for about an hour before we were allowed to play the game. Still, not a big thing. I have seen people in line for, at that time, the newest star wars game at gamescom and they waited for 4h or more.
We had time for a few selfies.
L is not big for selfies but we made a deal that I can get one picture per meet-up. Sweet.

I liked the gameplay of the newest Assassin's creed part and I will definitely get that one too. L was a bit underwhelmed and she won't get it. After we left we all got a free Assassin's creed T-shirt. They only had one in L and I gave mine to M. It was just too large for me.

After that we just strolled through and decided to leave again. There were just too many people and my social batteries were really empty.

No idea why there was a large, yellow duck but it was cute.

My haul from the ps4 booth plus I won a game at a ruffle:

This was my outfit from that day, I was even asked for pictures even though, in my opinion, my coord was plain and simple.
Cardigan: Axes femme
dress: Rabbit tooth
Alice band: Claire's
Everything else is offbrand.

Selfies in good light make everything better.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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