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November 14, 2017

Hello lovelies,

last year I tried to do a list of a few of the major lolita/larme/gyaru j-fashion companies' lucky bags. I made the entry on a blog I started a year ago but abandoned quickly and therefore I am doing this post here on this blog. So be prepared!

This entry will be updated regularly, add it to your bookmarks to check it quickly.
Last update: 17th of November, 00:31 pm


There will be two different types, the sweet and the bitter bag.

The only difference is the colour of the waist pouch, belt and blouson.  (?)

Item total: 9 items including a tote bag

Price: 10.800Yen
Date of sale: -
Status: Sold out 
Buy it here 


Their lucky bag is always called Angel bag. This year the bag comes in pink or black. There will be six items worth 60.000Yen in the bag.

Item total: 6 including a tote bag

Price: 21.600Yen
Date of sale: 17.11.17 3pm JST
Status: on sale soon 
Buy it here 

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