Shopping: Liz Lisa, Amavel, Axes Femme and Swankiss

March 10, 2018

Hello lovelies,

I didn't get myself a fukubukuro this year, instead I bought some myself some items in the winter sale in January. I sent them out in February and shipping took so long that when the items arrived last week at the beginning of March I had already forgotten what I bought.

Here are some more details of the items:

Liz Lisa skirt
The floral pattern is just my thing and the cut frills at the bottom too. I am not all too sure about the buttons though, maybe I'll remove them. The fabric has a very plastic feel to it, but I am really used to that by Liz Lisa now.

Liz Lisa camisole

Details of the flowers and ribbons
The camisole is cute and very soft. I am just not sure I'll wear it often because I usually first do my make-up and then change and because of that my make-up rubs off onto my clothes if they are too tight at the neck. Mhhh.

Axes femme cardigan
The cardigan is not my preferred size, waist long, but it's warm and soft. I am not sure what to do with the ribbons and hid them for the pictures.

Amavel teacup and teapot blouse

Detail of the stitching and frills
The blouse is sooo super cute, it was the only item not on sale but it was really worth it. Now I only need a purple tea-dress to match the blouse. The only negative comment I can say about this blouse is that it's about 500% plastic and very, very static.

Liz Lisa dress

The dress is super cute but fits a bit tight. My boobs are just too big for japanese small sizes.

Liz Lisa skirt
This skirt is a pain in the butt to get into, because it has no elastics and my hips are huge. I always have to do a slow wiggle dance to get it over my hips. Haha.
Axes femme blouse

Details of the frills and lace
Actually I am not sure if this is a blouse or a cardigan. It has a very low cut for a blouse though.

Swankiss dress
Funny story about that dress: Somehow my credit card was not billed with it because Swankiss said it was sent back by Tenso? And somehow it didn't show up when I did the package consilidation via Tenso so I was really surprised when it popped up in my box.
Axes femme top
I really like lavender but I only have a few pieces in that colour. The top is from the Rapunzel collection (I THINK, I can't find it anymore).

What is your favourite?

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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