Spring birthday party

April 21, 2018

Hello lovelies,

last Saturday I went out to brunch with friends and we celebrated R.'s birthday.
The weather was already super hot and warm, it was almost as if spring was really trying its best to please the people in Vienna. The cherry and apple trees were in full bloom and it looked very beautiful.
We celebrated R.'s birthday at Weltcafe, which is near the university of Vienna. We went there for the brunch buffet and the food was okay to good but I especially liked the sweet iced teas and lemonades, although there was probably a ton of sugar in it.

We used a special filter for these pictures because we definitely don't look like that..

On our way home we stopped near the university and made some spring pictures.

The dress I am wearing is from Sky rose and I never wore it before. I didn't feel the dress in winter but now that spring has come I am all for this dress.

Have a lovely week,

Auris Lothol

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