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April 27, 2018

Hello lovelies,

last weekend I went to a mini theatre sale in the 7th district. I read about it on Facebook, which I rarely use and dislike but in finding these small and really random events it is unbeatable.

The shop was really, really tiny and the shopkeeper would only let in six people at a time. In the end nothing really caught my eye and M. and I left again.
We went to a vintage shop near our place and there I immediately found four new pieces.
The shop is called "Extraschön" (extra beautiful) and is located at Kaiserstraße 67, 1070 Vienna. The shopkeeper is always so friendly and already knows us (no idea if that's good or bad though ;D).

The first two pieces are from Lindy Bop.

The next piece is underwear...perfect for my vintage underwear collection. Hooray!

The next dress is hand made and super cute, I have no idea though when and where the dress was made.
I think it is rather modern, so no original dress. Nevertheless, I look super cute in it.

My lipstick collection also grew that weekend, I got some new lip liner and lipstick (and two eyeliner).

My outfit that day was already in tune with spring, I wore my new Liz Lisa dress with a chiffon blouse I mostly use for lolita fashion. I really love chiffon but you can really only wear it once before washing it again.

The hairstyle is pretty much larme. The dress looks a bit weird on my boobs because they are a bit bigger than standard Japanese boob size, but that is really not hard.

Have a nice week,

all the best,

Auris Lothol

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