Straw hat to bonnet

July 11, 2018

Hello lovelies.

last weekend was a historical event in Vienna organized by the military history museum.
I like to go there a lot because it is one of the few historical events in Vienna and it also has a nice programme.
The last weeks were spent sewing a medieval costume until I run out of fabric. Then I tried to fix up the red burgundian dress but I didn't manage to finish that either. In the end I decided to wear my Biedermeier 1830s dress. It was finished completely. Then the day of the event I decided to do a bonnet. It took me about three hours and a lot of nerves because a friend was already waiting impatiently. Sorry again.

For the hat I used a real straw hat I bought a few years ago, the inner lining is out of thin satin chiffon and I also added a lace trim, roses and a bird. But you can use any material accurate of that time if you want to do it historicaly accurate, and if not, you have even more material to choose from.

I the cut a round shape into the hat. It looked okay at the time but I would recommend making it bigger because the sides of the straw always scratched my neck.

The hat is a bit browner because I used steam to give the sides a new form. If you don't have a steamer you can also use the steam of your iron. Just don't burn yourself. Also if you want to do anything with straw, better keep some water ready in a spray bottle because the straw is much more flexible once its wet.

My next step was to add inner lining, I used thin red satin and stitched it to the inner brim, fold it and also attach it to the outer brim. I totally forgot to take some pictures. I blame it on my bad time management.

After it was attached on the outer side of the brim I cut it, afterwards I added some lace to it and sewed it on again. That took the longest time and I also scratched myself a few times with the needles poking out of the brim.

I then added a yellow satin ribbon, some red flowers and a bird (which was already detached when I did the pictures) and I was done.

For the next time I will add more decoration but for now that was all I had.

Here are a few pictures of the event.

How do you like it?

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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