Connichi 2018

September 14, 2018

Hello lovelies,

I attended Connichi in Kassel again this year and unlike the years before it was really relaxing and enjoyable. The fact that we arrived on Thursday and left on Monday and we had a big apartment near the convention really helped. The train ride only took about 6 hours, except for a few Deutsche Bahn can a train company just be so messed up?

We left Vienna at 9am and arrived at 5pm in Kassel. This time we didn't have huge underwear or wig parts that needed to be transported, lucky us!

After we checked into our Hotel we took a stroll around the inner city. Kassel is famous for their brothers Grimm Museum and we even found a statue of the brothers.
I am not sure why but they look more like lovers than brothers to me?

Friday was our first convention day and I wore my Hungary from the 7 years war outfit. The last time I wore it was for a photo shooting with L. and Greencat. Remember?

Look at M. photo bombing us.
These selfies are actually the only pictures I have of this outfit. I totally forgot to ask Blur of color for some pictures. Oh well, next time maybe.
After the convention we went to an Italian Restaurant with Z. and her girlfriend A. and the food was so amazing.
Pizza with roast beef
Tiramisu for dessert.
If I visit Kassel again, I will definitely stop and visit this restaurant again.

On Saturday I was so tired that I took a nap before dressing up, therefore we arrived really late for the convention.
I wore the special costume I was sewing for a month on every weekend and every day after work. It was super exhausting but I think it paid out. There will be an extra post with a few construction notes and pictures, but I was too stressed to really to do a lot of pictures.
May I present to you: A Disney and historical inspired version of Elsa from Frozen, or as I call it rococo robe a la francaise Elsa pain in the butt.

Blur of color made some pictures of this costume and therefore I will keep the bad mobile phone pictures of the dress to myself and wait for the real pictures.
I don't think we were at the convention for more than three hours before leaving again and getting in more comfortable clothing.

Then we went to dinner with Blur of colour and some of his friends at a Mexican restaurant and let me tell you, the churros I ate there were divine. They were so good that I totally forgot to take some pictures.

Nachos as an appetizer

Enchilada Clasicas as a main dish
The portions were huge and I was so stuffed at the end of the evening. My strawberry mojito was very strong but the food took the sting of the alcohol.

On Sunday there was an Angelic Pretty Tea party and I was allowed to attend. I say allowed because the organizers picked the girls who were allowed to attend beforehand and you had to send in pictures of yourself in Lolita. That was very weird because that was a first. Usually you just had to buy a ticket for the tea party and could automatically join.
The only rule was that you had to wear a main piece from Angelic Pretty and I decided to go with my purple Dramatic rose dress.

 The tea party started at 3pm which was quite late for a convention that ended at 5pm.
The buffet at the tea party

The food was actually not bad at all, I just couldn't finish my cupcake. It was so creamy and rich.

I sat at a table with a few other German lolitas and I don't know why but I felt super uncomfortable. It took me more than 10 years to get comfortable with my own lolita community so spending a few hours with random strangers was really not great for me. I wanted to leave after the group pictures but then stayed for the raffle and that was a good choice because I won one of the three Angelic Pretty sponsored packages. It's a sleeping mask and a small tote bag.

Everybody also got a little goody bag with folders and postcards.

There was an Angelic Pretty quiz and I didn't even try to answer it as I am not a die-hard Angelic Pretty fan (anymore. I was until maybe 2009).
Sorry, German only

The rest of the evening I spend in bed, eating pizza rolls and watching true crime series.
Then Monday at 10am we left again for Vienna.

M. and I decided not to attend Connichi next year but we really want to try and go to Dokomi 19.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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  1. Vor paar Jahren gab es eine Btssb TP auf der Connichi und man musste auch ein Foto einsenden, aber das ist nur um sicherzustellen, dass du auch Lolita trägst (und nicht, wer das schönste Outfit hat darf zur TP) ^-^