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October 10, 2018

Hello lovelies,

my sister and I met up for a tour through an open-house event in Vienna but we didn't expect all the people who were also interested in the houses and the queue was massive. We therefore decided to skip the event and instead walk through Vienna's first district and do some pictures.
And these pictures really turned out very instagram-y.

My blouse and skirt are from Liz Lisa, the bag from Primark and the shoes from Deichmann.
I made the little hairbow myself. Remember my video?

As I sat on these stones I lost my balance and almost toppled over. My sister managed to capture the funny moment.

Vienna really does have a lot of nice corners.

Afterwards we went for tea and cake to the recently opened Ferrari Pasticceria cafe.
The food was a bit pricey but very good.

 Taking pictures of your food is very important, haha. My sister had a very sugary almond dessert.

  My bread was good but a bit cold and too small.

I had a white chocolate-rasperry cake with coconut flakes at the bottom. Super yummy.
And what is a fun time with the sister without a few snow pictures?

The next posts will be sewing and costume related again, I promise.
If you follow me on Instagram you always get the newest updates on my sewing projects.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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