J-fashion meet-up

October 30, 2018

Hello lovelies,

October is really busy in Vienna and we have a few halloween meet-ups and events.
Normally halloween is not really celebrated in Austria because it let's be honest, it is an American festivity. But in the last couple of years more and more kids and young adults dress up and celebrate it.

This Sunday the j-fashion group had a little meet-up in Vienna in Little Britain. I first wanted to go as witchy gyaru but my boobs didn't seem to fit into my Jesus Diamante dress so I went for a witchy lolita coord again. This time I wore my souffle song dress with a small witch hat, on some of the pictures it looked like a black unicorn horn. It is not a very creative coordinate but it was fun.

Picture by
Madeline Gebauer
The atmosphere was very relaxed and the waitress was super funny. I have never met such an outgoing and extroverted person in my whole life. She made talking with people look so effortless.

I drank a nice cup of darjeeling and ate my favourite scones. I know of no other place in Vienna that sells them, what a shame!. 

Picture again by
Madeline Gebauer

I hope you all have a witchy halloween. 

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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