Medieval Accessoires

December 16, 2018

Hello lovelies,

two weeks ago I went to the medieval Christmas market in Vienna. It is only held for three days at the beginning of December and I always try to go there at least one day. The temperatures were almost below freezing, and we had a very cold week, therefore I only stayed for an hour and left without even drinking a cup of hot mulled wine. That was a shame but winter is definitely not my season.
Most of the booths are the same each year but there are always a few new and the market is definitely growing, which is wonderful because I don't have the feeling that there are a lot of people interested in historical markets or events. I couldn't find a single historical meet-up, never mind the era. There were a few groups for medieval reenactment and a few Napoleonic/Kaiser Franz-Joseph 1848-1914 regiment groups but most were inactive or for members only.

Last year I made a viking dress and I failed to purchase a lot of accessoires before the event and I looked really plain. But luckily I found a nice knife, maybe not really a viking knife but at least one from the early medieval age, and a hair pin which was crafted after a surviving extant from Haithabu at the market.

The knife is hand-crafted and small but it is perfect for my tiny hands.
But enough said. I am looking forward to the summer version of this because it is much bigger and offers a lot more.
Have a nice week,

Auris Lothol

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