My j-fashion year 2018

January 29, 2019

Hello lovelies,

here are my top 10 non-lolita japanese fashion pictures from 2018. They are ranked chronologically like the last lolita fashion year 208 blog entry.

 This outfit is from January for a Cha no ma date with friends. The dress is from Sky rose.
 I wore this for another matcha date with a friend. The peignoir makes it really soft and cute. The dress is Swankiss and the peignoir is vintage.

 This outfit is from March and the dress and pullover are both from Liz lisa. I think I wore it for lunch with friends but I am not sure anymore.

What can I say, I wore this in April for a lunch date again. I really like to dress up when I go out for food. The dress is from Sky rose, the cardigan from Axes femme.

Another month, another lunch date. What can I say, I only dress up when I go out of the house and most of the time I only go to work (=no dressing up) or meet friends for lunch/dinner.

Monochrome June. The dress is from DreamV. I picked up lolita dresses from a friend who gave me her whole collection for free. Bless her.

 Another June coord and this time I didn't only wear it for a lunch date. This was for the Vienna pride parade (Regenbogenparade) and it was a lot of fun. The dress is from Swankiss.

 To be honest, I cheated on this one. My lolita Top 10 were full already but as I mixed this lolita dress with cult party kei elements I thought I could also add it to this list. This was my outfit for the convention Nippon Nation in Vienna in July. The dress is from Metamorphose temps de fille, the peignoir is self made and the shoes are from Rosemarie seoir.

My sister and I were roaming around the inner city, looking for nice and not too crouded places for pictures. Blouse and skirt are from Liz lisa.

 This is a coord from October, the dress and blouse are from Liz Lisa.

Most of these are quite simple, when I remember my outfits from 2017 they were more elaborate or at least more creative. I think my full time jobs really doesn't leave a lot of time for my fashion which is very sad but that's life. I can afford all the dresses I every wanted but I have no time wearing them.

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