May outfits

September 05, 2019

Hello lovelies,

with September already upon us, I bring you my May fashion coordinates. Maybe I can finish them this year and start fresh year.

I wore this outfit for the bring and buy at Animarket. My cat was so cute again, I just had to make a picture with her. But in all honesty, she is always cute.
Dress: yolanda
shoes: dreamv

That was one of the dresses I bought at Animarket, it's from Cherie cerise, a Chilean brand.
The shoes are from bodyline.

 Here is another dress I bought at the animarket and it has cats on it. When I was in the Philippines this year the theme of the lolita meet up was orange-ish or cats and I had nothing to wear. If I only had had this dress then.
Dress: Leur Getter
shoes: DreamV

This is the most costume-ish coordinate I ever wore. Especially with the tray and the bonnet it scream victorian maid.
OP: Souffle song
apron: Rosemarie seoir
shoes: Liz lisa

 June coords are coming up soon!

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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