Bring and Buy October 2019

December 15, 2019

Hello lovelies,

the bring and buy for this year is over again and the next one will be on the 1st of May. Although I didn't sell a lot I did buy a lot. As always. I guess everyone knows my spending habits by now and how I just can't say no to cute and cheap lolita dressed.

The market was only from 10 am to 3pm but I was there from the beginning at 9am to the bitter end as I was helping my fellow lolitas get everything ready.
Our club is always organizing these j-fashion bring and buy and it is the highlight of my year. 

This is the view from the stage to the rest of the room. As you can see, it was full with artists and people.

Here are all the items I bought this time:
Liz Lisa Pullover
Lady Sloth dress


axes femme
Lady Sloth

Axes femme

It has sewing machines and scissors on it!
Classical Puppet

hand made hair accessory

Liz Lisa ballet shoes necklace

Liz lisa cat pullover

Ank Rouge strawberry dress

Alien Moe

Angelic pretty towel
I am pretty satisfied with this haul and I can't wait for the next bring and buy.

My outfit this day:
op: r-series
shoes: bodyline
socks: liz lisa

I waited a few weeks for this ivy wall to turn red and finally got some pictures with it.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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