Regency Stays

January 31, 2020

Hello lovelies,

can you imagine that I finished my first project in 2020? Because I can not. Although I wanted to finish it in my Christmas holidays in 2019 (and didn't) but never mind that.
As you can maybe tell I am super excited because last year I always had the feeling I could do more.

Over the course of the year I started out with my first version and the pattern from Nehelenia Patterns, called Partially Boned Transition Stay (PP08) or Halbversteifte Übergangsschnürburst from Past Patterns (see here)
But that pattern didn't work out well. I hated the fact that I had to draw the circle for me own boobs and gave up when I made the boob part. Even though I sewed everything by hand I had to toss it in the bin. Oh, that hurt.

Backside, the tabs were not yet cut in

Afterwards I wanted to buy a new pattern but forgot about it.
My friend then gave me her regency stays pattern, Laughing Moon #115 as she had no use for it anymore and I started with another stays. But spoiler warning, I also finished it!

 I didn't want to do a long version so I shortened it at the waist line when I transferred the pattern onto paper. I don't like to work with the flimsy paper onto which the pattern was printed because I am super clumsy and would have ripped it.

This is how my pattern looked like. There were three pieces and bust gores and a shoulder strap. The material is unbleached heavy linen. The outer material is thin 100% white cotton.

 I inserted the bust gores at the front. As you can see, I didn't want to take any chances and just made everything with the sewing machine. If I had to toss it, it wouldn't be that bad anymore.

The back side with the linen and cotton fabric, almost done.
The construction of the stays was really easy plus the instruction from Laughing moon was really easy to follow. I was quite surprised.

Front-Side-Back: The stays looked like they are too small for me as there was a huge back gap but when I tried it on, it fit. I guess I have more squish than my doll.

The bone channels and eyelets are done. Half of the eyelets look good, the other not so much.

I added the strap, The linen strap is added only to the linen fabric and the same with the cotton.

The front part with all of the bust gussets. The next part was assembling all of the pieces.

Front-Side-Back part 2. I tried it on again and laced it tight. It was then I realized that it was too long and it squished my waist weirdly. I cut off another 5cm/2" (!) and then it was perfect.

 I bound the stays and then added spiral and plastic boning.

 And another Front-Side-Back. As you can tell, it is already very short and the bottom is bound. I already added the top binding but did not finish it yet.

The rest only included doing the rest of the binding and the holes for the strap. And that was it.
All in all it was a super easy project. My only problem in the end was that I lost some weight and suddenly the bust gores were a bit too big. Just my luck :(
Ignore my chemise, I didn't do one for regency yet and used my early Victorian one, as it was the most similar looking.
And definitely not ironed. I hate ironing.

All the best,

Auris lothol

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