Fukubukuro 2021

November 24, 2020

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Hello lovelies,

it is time for my yearly fukubukuro post! 

I just love the lucky bags and I am always so excited about what the brands come up with this year. It is just bitter (for me) that Liz Lisa didn't release Lucky bags the last two years because I was always looking forward to theirs and most of the time I also bought them. 

So, what's fukubukuro/lucky bag/Lucky pack? It is the term for a fixed prized bag containing items that are much more worth than the price you pay for the bag. Some shops offer these bags to get rid of their old stock, others already offer clothes made specifically for that occasion.
The bags go on pre-sale in December and are then shipped out after New year.
Most shops reveal what is inside (if it is specifically made) beforehand and therefore one can decide if they are willing to buy the bag or not.

This year I will not buy a lucky bag because the EU decided on new taxes. The whole chaos and extra postal fee that will ensue will be too stressful to handle for me at the moment. There is almost no information on what will happen on the 1st of January and therefore I will wait and maybe buy some summer lucky bags instead. 

Ank rouge

two women with a pink backdrop and matching outfits

Price: 15.000Yen + tax
Versions: Pink bag and black bag
Start of sale: 1st of December
Content: the bag, probably the jacket and the skirts/dress the girls wear. 

Axes femme


Price: 11.000Yen (10.000+ tax)
Versions: 4 different bags, 2 different bags for kids
Start of sale: 1st of December in the physical stores, 25th of November online
Red Bag: Outerwear (Jacket/Coat), Dress, skirt, 2x Pullover
Green Bag: One-piece, tunica, skirt, knit, pullover, camisole
Lilac Bag: Outerwear, dress, skirt, knit cardigan, blouse
Black bag: Outerwear, pullover skirt (?), skirt, blouse, hat
Kid bags: 2x dresses, skirt, pullover

Baby the stars shine bright and Alice and the pirates

There will be an entry and lottery for the lucky bags. Reserve your bag here

Honey Cinnamon

two women dressed in honey cinnamon a japanese brand.
Price: 1.100 (tax included)
Version: girly (pink)and unisex (black)
Start of sale: 1st of December in their webshop. Click here
Content: 5 items. 

The unisex bag contains a jacket, a sweatshirt, a big top, a backpack, and a bear accessory. 
unisex dark clothes folded in a flat lay

woman wearing a black honey cinnamon jacket

grey long top from honey cinnamon

honey cinnamon content of the lucky bag

black jacket from honey cinnamon

The girly bag contains 5 items: two tops, a jacket, a skirt and the bag 
pink and girly clothes folded in a flat lay

woman wearing a grey honey cinnamon skirt and top combo

woman wearing a white top and a grey skirt both from honey cinnamon

woman wearing a jacket with bear ears from honey cinnamon

honey cinnamon lucky bag items 2021

Innocent world

Price: 17.000, 30.000, 50.000 or 80.000 plus taxes
Versions: four different lucky bags, the sizes can be chosen. the 30.000-80.000Yen bags contain a dress called "Renée dress" in 5 different colour ways and the rest is random
Start of sale: 14th of December on their homepage
Content:  a set that includes at least a dress, top and socks

two women wearing lolita fashion



lodispotto white floral bag

Price: 11.000 incl. Tax
Versions: there are different colours and floral designs, but only one bag, therefore one can not choose
Start of sale: Out now at Magaseek
Content: 5x items: (Fur?) coat, floral skirt, original floral dress, cardigan and something knit (?).


Another year, another angel bag.
woman wearing a huge bag from Swankiss

Price: 16.000Yen + tax (17.600Yen)
Versions: Only one Version
Start of sale: Out now at Magaseek
Content: 5x items: Outerwear , Top, One-piece, accessories, bag

woman wearing a grey dress from the brand Swankiss
The dress looks very toned down and plain. 

woman wearing the blouse and dress combo
Here is the dress and the blouse combo.

Woman with black coat and a grey backpack
The black coat looks cute. 
grey round backpack with a black bow from Swankiss
The backpack matches the dress. 

pink bag on a white table

And of course the angel bag. Read what it says on it, it's super funny. 

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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