December - January OOTD 2020-2021

April 15, 2021



Hello lovelies, 

March is over and wow, this pandemic year was a wild ride. I remember my two weeks in quarantine and my quests on getting tested quite vividly. But the rest of the year was more or less a blur. 

But from December 2020 to January 2021 I got a few nice coordinates, even though I worked between 40-60h. I still have no clue how I managed to doll up because I do not have the energy right now. 

M. was in Germany for a while and I only have two coordinates in December, but January was super busy!

December 2020

This is just a white liz lisa dress with white stockings and a fluffy pink jacket. I was still freezing outside. But I am always cold.

My christmas coord! I called it my "christkind" coord, because it is not Santa who brings the presents in Austria but Christkind. I pinned fairy lights to the underskirt and it looked really nice. It was such a shame that the light was already gone because the light in the flat always makes all the picture so yellow.

January 2021

 I didn' think my pink hair suited the overall red look and therefore the blonde wig. The dress was brand new at the time, I bought it second hand from a German lolita. It's from innocent world, the socks are from Liz lisa. It actually has the same colour as the other reds but it looks so dark and almost black for no reason.

I am obsessed with bird looks and I can't even tell you why. I had so many looks with birds the last couple of years and I definitely need more bird prints!

The dress is from r-series and is called emporer's nightingale. I paired it with a vintage peignoir.

This is just a random selfie, probably when I needed a break from work. But I am wearing a Liz Lisa dress I usually wear only at home as a house dress.

Another print I absolutely adore is tea and tea cups. This dress is from A3, another chinese indie brand and the blouse is from Ank Rouge. The hairbow is actually from Jesus Diamante. I bought the brooch at closet child in tokyo and the shoes are from an unknown brand, I just remember that Himena was seen wearing them and therefore they were really sought after a couple of years ago.

Another selfie but from the day I made the unboxing video, judging from the hair and dress. I am usually not into cookies but this dress was just too cute. Plus it was super cheap at the bring and buy, hehe.

It had been almost a year since I last wore this dress and thought it was time for it again. It's from Angelic pretty and called le jardins des ange. The peignoir and the headpiece are both selfmade.

Mirror selfie! I am wearing another Liz Lisa dress but I am not really fond of it because it is so scratchy. I usually wear a long sleaved shirt underneath. Ignore the background please, I didn't clean up.

This dress is always popular on Instagram. I paired it with a blouse from Magic Tea party and a gold leaf headband. The stockings are not that visible but they are from Madame Chocolat and the shoes are from DreamV. And of course my favourite necklace from metamorphose temps de fille.

Which coordinate was your favourite?

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Auris Lothol

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