Strawberry dress

May 14, 2021



Hello lovelies,

if you have been following me for a while, you know that I am obsessed with everything strawberry. I have the weirdest things in strawberry shape or with strawberries on it - plates, earrings, rugs, earrings and so many more items. 

But when it comes to strawberry dresses I am a bit picky. I don't like them too "cute" which most of the Angelic Pretty pieces are. I only have a btssb dress which has strawberris and cherries on it and a few dresses on my wishlist but I am not actively going after them. 

When I saw the dress from Infanta with strawberries on it and it looked like a picnic blanket at the same time and I was in love. It was such a weird combination, it was awesome. I ordered it and within three weeks I held the parcel in my hands. 

The material of the dress didn't only look but also felt a bit like a blanket or a dish drying towel. It had no zip and the fit is a bit more tight than I expected even though there was a shirring at the back. On the site were three sizes and I bought M even though I should probably have bought L. Click here to get to the Glitzywonderland site.

The first two pictures are the front and back of the dress. It has no waist ties and no bows and looks exactly like in the promo shots. 


The shoulder strap is detachable but there is no other button on the strap. But one can remove the button themselves and attach it at another placement or add another button.

This is the detail of the bottom strawberry print. I think it is super cute with the strawberries in the basket and the ribbon.


 Instead of a waist tie, there is a sewn on band on the front with more strawberries. It also has small flowers on the left side sewn onto the dress.

There was such a pretty magnolia tree in full bloom near my flat and I wanted to take pictures with they didn't turn out pretty because all around the tree were big blue plastic seats and they were almost always visible, no matter how I stood. In the end I only took profile pictures with the tree and took the full body shot at home again. 

I do want to break out of this pattern and not always want to show the boring door but there are not many nice places to take pictures in my vicinity.

Sorry for my weird facial expression, I was not in a good place at that time.

I made the hat decoration and the strawberries 20mins before leaving the house because I thought that the outfit needed a bit more strawberries.


There are even strawberries on my wristcuff. I attached them only with a pin and they are therefore detachable and re-usable. I even added little bows to my socks, even though they are not really visible.

Details from the decoration. All ribbons are detachable except for the socks. But I only handstitched the ribbon onto the socks and they are super easy to remove,

How do you like this stawberry look?

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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2 Kommentare

  1. Haha, when I saw the title of the post, I thought you meant THE strawberry dress, the one by Lyrika Matoshi xD And I'm with you, most lolita strawberry designs are a bit too sugary and cutesy. I like how this dress is a bit more neutral, even though gingham is usually lumped into country and summer coords, I feel like this design would be easu to wear in a lot of different ways. And all the detachable details you added are super cute too!

    1. haha, the infamous strawberry dress. It is cute though, I totally understood the hype.
      I also think that this dress is easy to coordinate with a lot of different styles. Let's see what I can come up next time I wear the dress :D