February & March OOTD 2021

June 04, 2021


Hello lovelies, 

It's June already and guess who is behind on her coordinates? Of course it's me. 

But I have some really cool new projects planned, like a Renaissance dress and some new videos, plus university again, that I am happy that I am at least posting weekly again. Almost. Most of the time I am a bit late though. But I am working on some great rewards for my patreon!

The first coord is not a lolita coord, qu'elle surprise! It's a cult party kei outfit! I don't know why, but I like wearing that style once a year, but only once a year. lol. This outfit looks like a three-tiered wedding cake, I am wearing a long white skirt, a white chiffon nightgown and a white peignoir with rocking-horse shoes and fairy lights with feathers and a flower crown in my hair. 

For the next coord I am wearing a navy Innocent World dress with a blue head-bow. The dress was a gift from my boyfriend and he just knows exactly what I like. The dress is also so comfy and a bit casual so I can wear it at work too! 

There is no full picture of this fairy coord because I wore it for a zoom-carneval meeting with the peeps at work. I felt like Glinda the good which with the crown and the staff. The dress is from Baby, I think. 

I was at work in this lovely Lady sloth dress and had a wonderful and sunny day afterwards in the park of Schloss Laxenburg. We brought food and had a little picnic and then got some ice-cream. Yum!


The last outfit is from Innocent World, it is very plain but comfy and I wore it for a lazy day at home. The blouse is from Ank rouge and I think the carousel necklace is from Closet child.

And that's it for February and off to March. 

I went to the hairdresser to bleach the roots and get a new hime cut. I wore my Marie dress from Secret Honey. 

The dress I am wearing here is from Fan+plus friend and I haven't worn it in years. And I don't know why because it is super cute. The necklace is from Metamorphose temps de fille and has been in my possession for years too and the shoes are from DreamV.

I swear the untied bonnet was intentional, even though it doesn't look like that. I had been researching Regency and early victorian fashion and found pictures were their bonnet was untied and thought, I could try it too. Well, it didn't look as nice as it did in the paintings. The dress is from Angelic Pretty and the blouse too. 

This must be one of my favourite coords from this year! I love the high rococo hair do I did in combination with the Yolanda dress. It is not very visible but I wore a super nice pantyhose. I decorated my hair with feathers, bows, lace and flowers and of course put glitter on my face. It's weird seeing my face without bangs. 

I uploaded some of the reels I did on youtube and you can watch them on my channel.

And if you are interested in much more content, then go on my patreon because I upload a lot of wip and behind the scence on there, and especially bloopers. 


But that's it for these two months. There won't be a lot of coords for April because I was sick for weeks. Let's see if I don't just do April, May and June in one post in July. 

Have a nice weekend!

Auris Lothol

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