A princess in her castle

August 08, 2021



Hi lovelies, 

It has been almost two months since we visited Castle Bernstein and I still have so much content to share. A video about the castle is in the making plus a Regency dress up. 

But for now I want to show you the pictures we did from my red Souffle song lolita coord. I planned the coord at home and decided to bring my prisila clip ins; staying in a castle required something more fancy. 

The light was not really that good for most of the indoor pictures and I had a bit of difficulties to get the colours right. In comparison, the pictures in the winter garden with the huge glass windows turned out amazing.

See the sudden difference in light and quality? Natural light is just the best. 

I uploaded this picture in its full size on my patreon!

Most of the furniture in the room is super old and from the time, when the family bought the castle in the 19th century. It was a mix from a few time periods and I loved it so much.

At first I thought that this was a picture of Empress Elisabeth, but it was an aunt of the current owners. Oops.
But here is a picture of Emporer Franz-Joseph. It is kind of random that a picture of him is in the room but it's an original.

I really enjoyed my stay at the castle, I hope I can go back soon!

The video from our stay will be uploaded soon, I am still on a monthly upload schedule but I have more and more content and maybe I can to at least 1-2 videos per month. 

All the best,

Auris Lothol


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