Glamonatrix show

May 20, 2022


Hello lovelies, 

right after I arrived from Italy I had tickets für Dita von Teese's Glamonatrix show and it did not disappoint. I had already been to a show in 2018 when she was in Vienna for her show "The art of the teese" and the acts were all amazing. I even recognized Dirty Martini again from the first show and the only guy, Jett Adore. The MC Jonny McGovernwas super hilarious and had been the MC in the other show before. The full cast included Dita von Teese, Dirty Martina, Zelia Rose, Laszlo Major who was from Budapest and told us that his parents were in the audience, Jett Adore, Tosca Rivola and of course the Vontourage.

The only problem I had was that the show was held at Stadthalle in Vienna and I did not see very much because we sat all the way in the back. Damn! To fix this before the next show, because I really wanted to see Dita's face, I bought myself an opera glasses. But in the end, I didn't need it because Glamonatrix was held at Burgtheater and the seats were different and not that far away from the stage so I could see much better than before. But I guess I have an opera glass now for for other shows were I do not see a lot like...Rammstein?


I tried to go with the theme of the show and add a bit of glamour into my outfit. The dress is from DreamV and the overlay is from Mon Lily. The bag belonged to my grandmother and it's so cute but very small. The shoes are from a vintage store but I do not think they are very old.

I also wear a mask whenever I go to venues or shopping and to my horror I realized that 90% of the people in the theater did not wear a mask. Why? It's just a piece of cloth. I find masks very breathable and I like wearing one. I really do not understand it. It's the new punk. lol

M. and I were much too early and had to wait for almost 40mins until we could enter the hall. Usually one is able to enter an hour before the start but I think they still had rehearsals because we could hear the music through the closed doors.

Burgtheater is a small but very nice, art nouveau style theater built in 1888. The show was not sold out but it was very full. 

There are no pictures of the show or videos because it was not allowed and I respected this wish, even though I would have loved to have a full video of Dita's performance. 

At the end we went and bought ourselves some merchandise and I finally have a new brooch again! I bought myself a brooch at the first Burlesque show, it was Dita and her cat and so cute. I only wore it a few times and keep it in a glas case most of the time. 

Usually I am not a T-shirt girl but that print was just so hot, I really wanted it. I'm thinking of maybe just using it as a sleep shirt or something like that. 

Have a wonderful weekend, 

Auris Lothol

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