March - May OOTD 2022

October 10, 2022


Hello lovelies!

I hope you are all doing well! Covid is surging again in Austria and we also have the most infections in all of Europe. That's so sad. My so has got his third covid infection in only 6 months, my mother is in the hospital because of covid and I am actually only waiting for my positive test result. This sucks so much!

To lighten up these dark times and especially my mood, I thought of doing more OOTD! My last post was about January and February and that means I am way behind again. Oopsies.  


I made good use of my Angel dress and combined it with a floral stocking and gold, glittery ballerinas. It's a very simple coord but I find myself liking them very much for daily wear. 

This next one is from my birthday trip to Salzburg. I found this Marie skirt on a second-hand site and was overjoyed! The print is really super cute and fits my aesthetics perfectly. It was actually pretty cool that day until the sun came out and suddenly it was super hot.

The next coord is pretty simple too, I wore it to meet petite point Vienna who had a small sales event at Magic Oyster. The JSK is from Innocent world and is one of my oldest pieces in my wardrobe.

 At the event I found a ring that fit the dress perfectly and bought it!


Last of my March coords is the L'esprit de la noblesse one I wore for the spring shooting. The blouse is from Angelic pretty and I decorated the hat with a flower crown and some ribbons. It was pretty cool that day too and very windy.


A friend from Germany came to visit us and we had a small picknick and took some nice pictures. Even though it was mid-April it was still chilly and I was freezing again. The OP is from Angelic Pretty and I bought it in Japan in 2015/16.

This might be one of my favourite coords from 2022, hands down. It has the big prisila hair, a big shell headpiece, an overdress and my new L'esprit dress.

For this coord I had to take pictures myself again and they are a bit out of focus. To be honest, I really have difficulties with coordinating purples. There are so purples with a blueish tint and others have a reddish-tint. And I can't combine them because it looks horrible. The dress is from Metamorphose and the bonnet is from Angelic pretty. I bought latter at a bring & buy.


The month of May always kicks off with the bring and buy on the first. I was part of the j-fashion crew again and was at the event from start to finish wearing my mask and this super cute Leur Getter dress.

My so and I had tickets for the Dita von Teese show and it was amazing. The vibe was fantastic. 

I wore my mon lily overdress and a mon lily black mermaid dress.

There was a small teaparty at Landtmann and I attended with my so. He was first place with another friend and I was voted second place, again with another friend. That was really amazing. 

We both wore our L'esprit de la noblesse outfits and big hats. I really love the location, the service is great and the food is delicious. They also serve vegan cakes and snacks.

And to end a post, a small casual outfit of running errands.

The dress is from Ank rouge, the cardigan from Liz Lisa and the bag from collectif. I made the brooch myself and it will be on sale soon!

What outfit was your favourite?

Have a great week,


Auris Lothol

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2 Kommentare

  1. I hope things are going better now! My personal favourite is the one from Vienna, it´s so elegant.

    1. Thank you! In the end, I didn't catch covid again and I am so thankful for that