Royal Duck

November 28, 2022

Hello lovelies,

I did it! I finally launched my own small business and holy hell, that was really something. There were so many things I had to think of, from packaging to my own webshop. Shipping is super expensive from Vienna and I only use tracked shipping which doesn't really help. But I am shipping worldwide and would love if you'd give me a chance. 

The webshop is called Royal Duck and you can either order via Etsy or via DM on my Shop instagram. I can give a discount if you order on Instagram as I can drop all these pesky Etsy fees. 

Royal Duck will sell beaded embroidered pieces, jewellery made out of plexiglas, and resin. The embroidered pieces and resin are both unique and no designs are ever alike. The exception to the rule is the jewellery made out of plexiglas. These have simpler designs and may look alike or similar.

The underlaying theme is anime and manga as I do a lot of Sailor Moon and Pokemon pieces, but I want to explore my creativiy and want to do pieces that are fun for me. And sold out pieces may never come back! So be quick if you like anything. 

The embroidery line: 

"Rainy day" - hair clip with beads, pearls and real mother of pearl drops embroidered in a swirling pattern. 

Anime Merchandize line:

I am the only creator in Western Europe who sells Anime merchandize too! Like this super cute Sailor moon brooch in pink.


But there are not only brooches in the shop, you can also find beaded rings, like this cute beaded ribbon ring. 

Sample piece for the resin line: 

"Decayed mermaid" - it's a shimmering mermaid tail with a single bone sticking out from the top on a hair clip.


Sample piece for the plexiglas jewellery: 

"Animal Crossing leaf earring" - who else plays animal crossing? It's one of my favourite games, mainly because the characters are so cute. 

Every earring can also be made with these ear clips but the standard will probably be the ear hook. 

How do you like these pieces? 

Have a great week,

Auris Lothol

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  1. This amazing! I love to see EU based creators. Your products look very nice, namely the pearl dove necklace :D.