June-September OOTD 2022

December 21, 2022


Hello lovelies,

Christmas is coming soon and for me it's time to finally share my summer coords. I'm only a bit late to the party.


This dress from Metamorphose has cute little sewing dolls on it. It was perfect for the trip to a sewing fair. Afterwards we stopped in a random field and made some pictures.

The next coordinate was worn for a trip to the next ice-cream shop. It was so hot in Vienna that day that I didn't even care about not wearing a blouse or socks.

Another field! This picture was made after a birthday lunch from my Uncle. He has a house in a small village that overlooks that field. It was so sunny and nice outside, these pictures are one of my all time favourite for this year. The little bird dress is from an unknown brand. I combined it with my Liz Lisa cardigan and a red flower crown.


 Very casual look for a lunch date with M. It has pretty little cats on it. It's coordinated with another Liz Lisa cardigan and Swankiss earrings.

This is the first time I wore this Angelic Pretty dress after debuting it in Rome of 2020. I tend to wear my more expensive items less often than my cheaper or second hand dresses. The floral crown and halo are two seperate pieces and I mashed them together for this angelic outfit.

That was my latest addition to my wardrobe, the actress lace jsk! I got this one as a birthday present from M. in March. I'm really happy I also got the headbow too because I like a matching headpiece. And headpieces or stockings are my preferred matching item.


And, last but not least, a casual outfit with an Innocent world dress for our anniversary dinner. I got slightly stuck in the plants (because of the thorns) and had to carefully detangle myself from it. lol

Then, very unsurprisingly, because I first had my eye laser surgery and then went on Interrail, I do not have a coord picture in July. I also didn't bring any coord worthy items with me and only bought a dress from Angelic Pretty and a second hand bodyline dress in Barcelona, but didn't even wear the latter on the trip.


I was back for about 7 days in August between my first and second journey. 

This bag is also a new addition, but one that I never wore because it was so expensive. I should really stop thinking about the price and just use the item. Or else it will just sit at home and dust. The jsk ist from Axes femme and the cardigan is Liz Lisa again.

My s.o. got an annual pass for Belvedere so we went there in August. I wore the same dress I wore in June, rather by accident. I just like wearing painting prints in Museums.

And the last coord is the cat print dress again too, but only for a short bubble-tea outing.


Again I spend about 7 days in Vienna between my second and third Interrail trip. 

This mirror selfie is something I started doing then but because the light in winter is terrible in my flat, I can only do this in summer.

And for the last coord, another cat dress with a Liz Lisa cardigan. But I got this cat bag from M and wante to wear it for an outing. We forgot to take pictures and just took them in our staircase.

How do you like the coords?

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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