May-June OOTD 2023

August 18, 2023


Hello lovelies,

Starting in June, I had a slump and ambandoned my instgram for a while. Their blocking of the Lolita fashion tags, hiding the recent hashtags and their overall very sh*tty attitude towards smaller businesses and accounts, just made me want to delete everything and abandon the app of hell for good. Thus I didn't see any reasons to do ootd anymore or think of elaborate coords. But I got it together again and continued on with my outfits and coords. But let's start in May.


On May first was Merchbazar (as I mentioned in a previous post) and I sold my handmade jewelry. I wore the rabbit teeth dress as it's super comfortable.

Look at my cute helper. He only eats rude customers and went home hungry. Poor Gengar!

Next are a few ootd from work. 

The first picture has me wearing the new skirt I bought at Animarket from the bring and buy. It also has matching headbows but I did not wear them. The blouse is from collectif and I made the brooch myself.

Here I had an office event and also decided to wear a new dress I got at the bring and buy. It's a strawberry glitter dress! And it was only 20€.

I also changed the setting of my phone camera - do you see the massive different between the front and back camera? Suddenly the gray mist on the picture is gone. It's a bit more difficult to nagivate if you don't see what you film but the outcome is much better and so much more rewarding.

Another May coord is this - the black background confused my camera so much that I was too bright and my face looked very flat and blurry. There was no real way of fixing it too. Meh.

The dress is handmade, the cardigan is from Liz Lisa, and the bag is from dear alice.

This was my coord for the Lolita Teekränzchen in May - we went to Ullmann's Zuckerbäckerei. I wore this Aatp dress for the first time and it was a bit tight. I combined the cream coloured dress with read accessoires. I made the necklace and the ring myself, the socks are from Liz Lisa, and the glittery bag is actually from Collectif.

And here is another office ootd. I wore the dress for the first time in a long time. I bought it in Orsay and I'm actually pretty sad that the company closed. They had a lot of wonderful office and party wear. I stil try to get some second hand dresses but it gets quite difficult.

I got this Ank Rouge strawberry dress from F. and it's one of my favourite dresses. I mean - it has strawberries on it! How can it not be. Peeps, I need more strawberry dresses!

And on the last day of May, we went to a gaming convention in Vienna. They had free entry for cosplayers and I was pretty sure they assumed my outfit was a cosplay and i was right. Hooray - I saved 7€. lol


I'm wearing my strawberry dress and an axes femme cardigan I bought eons ago but never wore, up until now. 

May was full with coords and outfits, but as we progress in the year and Vienna turns into a baking oven there are less and less coords and outfits. I don't like sweating and lolita fashion is so modest that the shoulders and knees need to be covered and wearing a fluffy petticoat underneath the dress and that means, most of the time, sweating in the dress. 


June continues with another OOTD from work. I am wearing another favourite dress of mine - a cookie dress from Lady Sloth. 

The first June Saturday (and December) is International Lolita day and our community always organizes a meet-up. This year we went for a picknick at Donaupark. It was a fun day but the pictures didn't turn out that great. Boo! We had such an amazing lush and green landscape and then the phone camera was disliking the colour again.

In the first week of the month is also our Lolita Evening Meet-up. It was raining and we quickly made some pictures outside with my umbrella that matched my unusual dark coord. But I don't like to wear light colours in rain anymore because it only get's dirty.

I look so small with the big umbrella.

Here is another office outfit with the Abyss Museum - dear princess JSK and a new liz lisa cardigan. I think it was raining again, because of the dark outfit.


My partner and I were in Malta for one week and we didn't really do pictures because most of the time I was just a sweaty mess. This was from day one and my back looks great - but not the face lol.

The dress was an emergency buy last year because I was freezing in Germany and the long skirt was perfect for a cold day. But I really came to like it as it always reminds me of a casual cinderella dress.

And here, suddenly at the end of june, it's hot again. I'm wearing my cute mint fox dress - I can't wear it often because it closes with buttons at the back and I can't close them on my own. Whose stupid idea was that in the first place?

Friends and me drove to a strawberry field and together we picked so many delicious strawberries! YUM! I wore my strawberry lolita dress as right afterwards, I went to a meet-up. 

I just ditched the hat for the meet-up and instead added some white ribbons to my hair.

Last day of June and last coord for this month!

I bought this dress back in 2014-15 in Japan secondhand at Shimokitazawa and even though I love the cut and print, the colour doesn't really suit me. It looks like one flesh costume. 

And that's it again! I'm actually pretty happy that I'm already so close with my monthly outfits that I could actually switch to a monthly update instead of two or more months squished together in one post. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Auris Lothol

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