Medieval Festival Eggenburg 22&23

September 15, 2023



Hello lovelies, 

it's been while since I posted about the medieval festival in Eggenburg. The town is nestled in Lower Austria and going to the festival always feels like a small time travel. And after a corona break, we went to the festival again last year. It was cool and there were a few drizzles throughout the day, but not this year. This year we had 30°c and I was sweating so much in my woolen dress. 

But that's the perfect moment to recap two years of Eggenburg: 


Last year my so and I went for a more casual viking look. The medieval festival was between two of my Interrail travels and I didn't have time for a new dress. I took the one I made back in 2019 (look here) and pimped it up a bit by adding an embroidered wave near the hem. 

We drove by car to the festival and there were so many people. I dislike huge crowds even before covid but after covid I feel even more uneasy and weary about them. We watched the medieval dance and the presentation of medieval dress from the reenactment group "Eulenspiel". I've been to a sewing meetup but I can't say anything good about it, so I won't.

This was the presentation of  the medieval garb. It was held in the main square of Eggenburg, just before it started to rain heavily for about 10 mins.

And here are pictures of the dance.

As mentioned before, it was drizzling a few times but it was nothing drastic. 

Look at those heavy clouds!

I didn't get a langos (boo) but instead got Blunzgröstl*, candied nuts, caramel, and turkish honey. I only ate a few of the sweet treats because I was already exploding from all the food. (*Blunzgröstl is a dish with blood pudding and potatos)

As for the things I bought, this time I only got a circlet from Orniello, the one I'm wearing in the pictures. She is a wonderful goldsmith and specialized in recreating jewelry from the past. Plus, she is from Austria, which is great for cheaper shipping. At least for me, hehe.

And here is the full look of my outfit - it's not ha but I think I looked great. 

You can still see a few pink strands of my hair as I didn't really manage to cover them all the way. Lucky for me, my black hairline was already super visible and it at least looks like I have black hair all the way.


This year I wanted to sew something else and decided to go for another Burgundian V-gown. I made one back in 2015 (see here) including a black kirtle. The new gown is made out of blue wool and embroidered with gold folien and real pearls. It was super hot and the day before, I made a quick fan which I also used as a mini parasol.

It's not the prettiest but it gave me a bit of air and that was enough.

This year we brought a friend along and he was sometimes playing music which was great for a mental rest as the heat and the masses got to me. 

There were a lot of nice shops again and artists showing off their medieval skills. 

My partner loved the hat.

I have a really soft spot for spinning, I wanted to learn it since I was a small but never got to it. :( But there are classes in Vienna, maybe I can finally take one this year or the next year.

Orniello was at the festival again too and we had a nice chat. I asked her if I could commission a 18th century brooch and she was all up for it. Hooray. Now I only need the money for it. 

M. bought a ring and it was a bit too big, so she will make it smaller and send it to him via the postal service. I didn't have any money but really wanted to buy something as she had those wonderful 18th century glittering necklaces on display again. 

I also met P. again, my new bobbin lace teacher and she had a wonderful idea on how I can make more progress in the art of lace making as my current progress is too slow for me. Plus, she was so excited to meet my so and even remembered that he was doing tatting! That was so kind of her. 

We left around 5-6pm with a sense of accomplishment but also felt tired and we were completely drenched in sweat. And that wraps up this year's medieval festival in Eggenburg. 

Here are more pictures of my blue dress -  I will go into more depth on what my inspiration was when I finally finish the video. In maybe a year. 

Have a great weekend and see you again next year at the medieval festival,

Auris Lothol

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