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January 22, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I suffered from internetlessness but today I finally have internet again. And I am very happy about it. In my free time I didn't really do anything productive, just reading, crocheting and sewing my ballgown for the officer's ball, which was so much fun. Next year I'll definitely be there again.
This is my first attempt at sewing a ballgown but I think I did pretty good. The fabric is purple taffeta and the lining is white. I handstitched a few pearls on top and at the bottom of the skirt (these are not visible on the pictures...) and finished it with a real Swarovski stone.

The pattern for the top was actually a dirndl bodice (from a Burda magazine) and I didn't notice the deep cut until everything was in place |D. Nevermind...I don't think it looks cheap. My favourite point is the big bow at the back. I just love bows!

The next con will be Fuyu con in Bruck an der Mur, 2h drive from Vienna. I'm sewing the cosplay and Lena is doing the props, it's a really good division of work because I suck at doing my props |D.

I just found this picture on my sister's harddrive, I didn't see it before and I think it looks terrific. Like a mad alice in wonderland version maybe...

uhm....what else? Yes, crocheting, my all time favourite. I made two things again for a friend:

The first one is from "Crochet'n'play" and the second one was again from "bittersweet". Aren't they just cute?

Good, enough for today, I still have a lot to do on the net ;D


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