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February 01, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I ordered winter boots over dreamV because I am too picky and not liked all the shoes in the stores here.
And, tadaaahh~ they arrived very quickly (no wonder with 15€ shipping fee) in a huge parcel.

I tried to count the stuff I ordered the in December and January but I couldn't. I should definitely do a list when I order, as to not loose track.
And yes, this will be a huge shoppaholic post.

I spent so much money on these three items but I just love MAC >///<

I do not like brown but this bag was just too cute >///< Now I need matching brown boots :)

I frequently go to a gothic club in Vienna with my friends  but my wardrobe is not very gothic-ish and therefore I am stocking up my gothic items.

I didn't buy these, my sister gave them to me for christmas. They are so cute, I really like them a lot *____* I definitely have to use them for my next Lolita outfit.

I also like Clinique a lot :). But they are expensive too ;_;

The colour of the shirt is a bit off, because it is pink and not red.

A new bag, yeeey! Bags, shoes and lingerie are my passion. I really like the lace which is covering all of the black leather underneath. The shirt and the bag are both from Orsay!

That's a present from my dear Isa, a caviar nail set *___*!
Isn't it cute?

As I said beforehand, I will make a short list of things I am expecting as not to loose track of them:
  • red underbust corset from ebay
  • fake eyelashes from ebay
  • white ribbon shoes from ebay
  • two fake hair puffs from ebay
  • a crinoline from ebay
  • a jesus diamante dress from gyaru sales on livejournal
  • a purse and a lizlisa luckypack from taobao
Oh my, I probably forgot the half....


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