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November 07, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I almost finished my Hikari cosplay yesterday. The only thing missing is sewing the sleaves.

to compare..that's the original pictre.
But you don't see the pins on the pictures....and the I think I have to paint them golden..
The other thing I have to do, is colour my shoes blue! I bought new shoes from Deichmann yesterday and I will buy spraypaint today.

Yesterday Simon came to help with my cosplay and he brought presents *__*!
I got expensive cheese, sugared violets and strawberry chocolate. (cheese was in the ref already ;D) from Meindl.

Those sugared violets are so sweet, I wonder if anyone who is not a sugar fanatic as I am, can actually eat them.
And the paper in which the presents were wrapped reminded me of a lolita print...

Then on Monday I was finally at Demmer's teahouse again.
I got a new rooibostea with cherry flavour and a very good green tea.
The teabox and the teaflower were gifts from Simon again.

I am really looking forward to Munich and seeing Zen again. I am not motivated for the con but if I am bored, I already made another plan. Because the YaYuCo is located in Dachau and they have a concentration camp, I plan to go there when I grow bored. I have only been to Mauthausen so far. I really wanted to go to Aushvitz last September when I was in Poland with my sister, but we didn't have the time.
so..uhm...I have a plan.

oh, and just in this second I bought this skirt... in pink ;D

And a resume of this post, Simon is a great boyfriend :3


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