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November 11, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I'm back from YaYuCo. I feel like a marshmallow and could sleep all day long. The darkness is not helping with that mushy feeling I have since weeks.

To feel a bit more positive, I decided to feel good and wear my prisila wigs. And then make-up. And then everything went out of hand.

With and without filter. I like them both...

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About YaYuCo, I can't really say much. We were there for only a couple of hours and most of the time, we either went shopping or made photos/watched others do photos. 
I think, most of the time spent in Munich, we were at dear Zen't place and drinking tea...or buying tea...
 Tadaaaah! I bought three teas at Ronnefeldt and one at Eilles. Also four boxes and a tea thermometer. Perfect shopping day is perfect! And I can say, the Vanilla-Apple green tea and the chocolate chai are delicious! I could drink them all day. 

Our pattern, worth 323€ also arrived! That was a big box!
Nehelenia pattern, historical sewing,
And these are mine:
Nehelenia Patterns, renaissance head dress, bodice, chemise dress, robe a la francaise, 1920s underwear
I bought a 20s underwear -, Renaissance headdress -, bodice from 1550-1630 - , a chemise dress -, a robe a la francaise - and a robe a la anglaise pattern.
All six patterns for just 100 euro from Nehelenia Pattern. Ha, how I love this site. I think I could buy every pattern from this site!

Auris Lothol

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