My Prague Trip 2011

November 25, 2013

Hello lovelies!

I am back from Prague! It was so nice there, I'd definitely like to visit this city more often. The last time I went there was 2011.
This city also reminds me a lot of Vienna. No wonder, it was the residenz town (Residenzstadt in German. It seems there is no real english word for that?) of the Habsburg from 1583 – 1611.
The weather was sunny but very cold, especially the last day and Simon and me fled into shopping malls (they were open on a Sunday! Hoooooray!) and coffeeshops. I am really not fond of the cold or snow. And it did snow when we went back with the bus again.
We decided to go with the bus because it was the cheapest way of traveling. We could have also taken the car but we didn't know if there was a parking possibility at the hostel. The train was unbelievable expensive because we were to late for the cheap tickets and flying was no option either. 
The bus company was called "Student travel agency"and it was fast, warm and we had a fantastic service and a multimedia station with movies and games. The bus even had a toilet and a travelhost who served warm drinks for free and sold cold drinks and small snack for a very cheap price. E.g. A pack of Gummibears, 100g, was only 15k (~ less than 70cent). 
And now the price....I paid 31€ for a two way ticket. I can only recommend this travel agency.

That was the entertainment station. You even got headphones for free. We sat at the very front of the bus. Underneath the tables there was even a power plug.

This shop was located near our hostel "Downtown  hostel". It's called Bageterie Boulevard and it sold fantastic baguettes. We ate there three time during our 4day stay..

We actually booked rooms in another hostel but when we got there we decided to book another hostel because we didn't like it there at all. It was so far away from the inner city, everything looked really old and dirty and the bed was hard as stone. I even think I saw a small bloodstain on one of the chairs. After one night we moved to the other hostel and even though we lost the money, because we paid beforehand, we didn't really mind.

 I didn't stick with one filter, as you can see. But nevertheless, I liked how the pictures turned out. And I just love the architecture in Prague. When I first came to prague in 2010? 2009? I fell in love with Jugendstil/Art nouveau even though I didn't like it before. But now I'd really like to have some pictures of Mucha.

Saturday in the evening we did a small 60min ghost tour for 250k (Studentsprice, normal price was 300k and the tour was in German). It was quite amusing because at the end, we were in a dark cellar with only small flashlights and suddenly a man dressed up like death stood in front of us. I think Simon nearly got a heart attack XD! We got to hear the stories of the red executioner, the Golem, a murdered nun, and two murdered women. My sexist alarm was ringing all the time when the tourguide told the stories of the two women. E.g. A man murdered and raped a girl because she didn't return his love and the city of Prague built him a statue and called him a brave soldier. Or a man fell in love with a woman and she returned his love. When asked to wait for him because he had to return to his own country, she did. But after two years she fell in love with another person and married that man. The first lover came back shortly after and was so pissed off, that he killed her and beheaded her. And now her headless ghost roams the building.
Get it?

I wanted to eat more traditional food but ended up with only eating one "traditional" dish, Goulash in bread. It was so rich and tasty and the breadcrust was nice and crispy! Yum!

A picture from Sunday, we didn't sleep well and my make-up couldn't hide the dark rings under my eyes. But nevermind :)!

The penguin was so cute, I had to buy it! As for the alcoholic beverages I only tasted the left one. It's very sweet and doesn't taste a lot of chemical strawberry :P. As for the others, I brought them with me to Vienna and will taste them another time.


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