Crocheting and getting stuff from Japan :)

November 21, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I will be in Prague from tomorrow until next Monday. I haven't been there in years and really look forward to it. I don't know yet, if I bring along my small laptop and update the pictures immediately.
Today I have to pack and I hope I can bring a lot of cute clothes, even though one will not see them because it's so cold and I will always wear my coat...

I started crocheting again, as always when it get's colder, but due to the lack of time, I could just finish about 1m of lace.
Look at this cutie:

It's my own design and I like it very much. But I'll probably not use a double crochet anymore because they are a tiny bit too tall.

And this is what I woke up to Monday in the morning...My flatmate got this box from me while I was still sleeping (and didn't even hear the bell ringing...). It's my order from Buyee, yey! And even without taxes. My day was saved!
The last time, all the parcels were unpacked. I was a bit surprised to see them still in their postal form.

Jesus Diamante Bag. And I think the fur is real? Is that possible?

Close-up of my bonnet. I have a new bonnet and it's from Baby the stars shine bright (btssb). yey yey yey! And Simon says I look like a small child.

Another Jesus Diamante dress (my third *_*) and matching shoes. Fur again? I think? Or really good fake fur. I don't think you can see it properly on the last picture but the velvet is glittering.

Another black dress, from La Pafait. It has so cute bottons. The only problem is, that I forgot to check the size and it's too small for me. OTL. The good thing is, I can wear it open too |D!

Last of the batch for me is this book bag. The only problem is the size. I don't think I can fit my huge purse into it. But for Lolita coords it will be very perfect. Or with my new JD dress.

Simon also ordered with me and he bought a buch of Tiger and Bunny coinfigures and a cosplay.
It's the first time we ordered a cosplay via Buyee, but it was so easy, maybe we'll do that again.

Finally finished with the first batch. Now off to the next.
My sister got a friend who regularly buys her clothes in Japan. She made a little closet cleaning and my sister gathered a few items for me to wear: And they are so cute. Or fluffy..

Those two and the skirt are my favourite from the batch. I love the rose motiv on the Liz Lisa pullover!

The next entry will probably be a travel entry. Have a nice weekend everyone!


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1 Kommentare

  1. kann gut sein, dass das fur echt is. in japan nehem sie oft echtes fell.

    voll süße sachen, die du da bekommen hast. schaut alles so fluffy aus xD