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July 01, 2014

Hello lovelies,

it has been a while again. This weekend was Made in Japan but I spontainously cancelled it and went to Klagenfurt with Matthias.
I haven't been to Klagenfurt/Kärnten for 10? years or more. I can't remember the city at all except for the Lindwurm, a very famous monument.

As a kid I was not impressed by it because I thought it would be bigger. This time I was not impressed either, neither by the city nor by the monument.

Matthias and I went to a very famous Restaurant called "Gasthaus beim Pumpe". It even has a legend on how it got its name...

The food was good but very rich  and hearty. I ordered cooked beef with horseradish and potatoes.

Matthias ordered black pudding with potatoes and sauerkraut with bacon. I liked his food more!

They have one big shopping centre called "City arkaden" and I got a white summer hat. It's a bit plain but at least I can add a lot of cute ribbons!
Waiting for Matthias to buy trousers in Peek&Cloppenburg. Great time for a selfie! The skirt is from Korea and the Bolero is from Liz Lisa. Everything else is offbrand.

In the evening we went out for a drink with two of his female friends. But the bar showed soccer on tv and I hate soccer. I wouldn't hate it that much if I could flee from it, but you can't. It's in the newspapers, on radio, on tv and everywhere.
But my wine cocktails with mango and ananas were good and I had my back to the game so it was ok. Nevertheless, going out in Klagenfurt was a bit boring.

On Friday, the day we drove to Klagenfurt, (yes I am jumping in tim) I went to the hairdresser and coloured my roots again because they were showing.
After --> Instagram

I am re-reading Harry Potter again! :) And I just love what my hairdresser always does with my hair. This was just a very simple styling, last time when I wore a rose coloured dress and a paignoir, he made such lovely curls. Curls which I could never do on my own!
Colouring the roots, cutting, styling etc cost 110€ but that's okay because my hair is always great after his treatment, the colour is wonderful and the head massages are not from this world.

Yesterday I went to the dentist in the morning and paid 280€ for fixing two holes in my teeth. Having a piercing in your mouth can be really expensive...
I used my big curling iron this time but my curles turned out really nice too. And I only managed to burn myself twice. Hooray!

Macaron earrings from my sister! They are so cute!
It was so cold I wore my floral, long sleeved liz Lisa dress from this years fukubukuro.

Afterwards I went to eat running Sushi at Donauzentrum with Plü and after that she drove me to Primark in G3. I bought new shoes, a hufflepuff sleeping shirt (4 sizes to big *_*), a strawberry scarf and a lot of accessoires. After that we had our usual fruit smoothies.
Pretty plü and me. ^3^. This picture shoes a bit of my contouring....a tiny bit...

Today at work I got the dress I ordered a few weeks ago..
This is how it looks like on the stock pictures:

And this is how my dress looks:
Only a sloppy floor picture because I can't try it on at work...(but you can see a a little bit of my new pink primark shoes). It does look quite similar. The fabric is a soft chiffon but it smells a bit of curry??. I think I'll take it with me to Paris.

I will be available in Paris because I will bring my tiny Laptop and I will probably keep you updated on twitter or instagram :3


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