Paris part 1 or all my trips are about food or shopping

July 10, 2014

Hello lovelies,

I am back from Paris and back to work again the next day. super exhausting! But luckily I could change shifts with my colleague and I didn't have to start at 7.30am. It would have killed me because I only arrived at 11pm with my plane and was home at quarter past 12am.

Sooooo, day 1.
We got picked up at 4am by our booked airport taxi and  got the airport in less than 30min. Everything went smoothly at the airport and we even had time for a short breakfast. The flight was uneventful, due to the fact that I always tend to fall asleep as soon as the plane is in the air. Luckily Matthias woke me up for the free drinks and cupcake.
We arrived at 9am and took the Train to Paris. Our apartment was tiny. Shoebox tiny. We had enough room for a sleeping couch, a small kitchen and even a shower. The toilet was outside on the hallway.
Oh and did I mention that it was on the sixth floor...without a lift? We had a good leg training.

The pop-up store for Angelic Pretty was at Rue ste Anne (after the french Queen Anne of Austria :D) and was actually hard to find. It was not on our map and we even went in the wrong direction or street three times. But then I finally got my ticket for the Angelic Pretty Tea party, yey! Good we booked such an early flight!

I had some problems with my hair and actually wanted to use my prisila wigs but it didn't look good. So I just curled them and laid them on top of my head. Some random people on the streets stopped to tell me how good I looked?? That was surprising because I don't get that a lot in Vienna when I am going to a meet up. Quite the opposite, actually.

 This might be the only picture I have...OTL. Thank you Yuki for this picture ^^!

The tea party was held at Bristol hotel and the setting was perfect. Big lush carpets, huge chandeliers and a good table decoration (with real rose petals).

We could take sandwiches and cake and macaron as much as we wanted and I got a lot because they were so tasty!

Sorry for the crappy pics. I didn't want to bring my camera and ended up taking the pictures with my phone.

They also served two cakes, one chocolate, one strawberry and I was already so full and bloated, I could only try the Strawberry cake..which was delicious.

I made a small videos of the cute girls sitting at my table, I hope it's okay to put it online!

 I won a price in the lottery and got Angelic Pretty Nailstickers! I forgot to take a picture though.  It's very cute! And at the end of the party we even got a small (cosmetic) bag with a print for free. Hooray!

After the party Matthias and I went for dinner at a restaurant near Gare du nord called Dishney. It served delicious Indian food and I had Vindaloo with chicken. It was very rich in spices and a bit spicy too. Yuuum!

Day 2 in Paris, let the sightseeing begin

My outfit for the day. It was a bit humid and the temperatures were mighty fine.

We went and bought (expensive) Tea at mariage freres then continued to Arc the Triumph, strolled along Champs Elysée where I bought my Sunset dress at Nafnaf for 34€ and a cute Jugendstil frame from Mango home for 12€. After that we went to the Army Museum at les invalides. It was free for young people under 25 but we paid extra for the musketeer exhibition (8,5€) which was only in french. We were very annoyed and the small leaflet in English couldn't lift our spirits.
The museum was stuffed with war items starting from the middle-ages ( I think) and continued until after the napoleonic wars (please correct me if I am wrong. We went there in a hurry and I think we didn't see everything so maybe I missed out the most recent items).

The tomb of Napoleon came next. It's huge and even though he was a small man, this tomb was probably built for his large ego.

Our feet already hurt so much we went back after that and rested before going for dinner.
The Restaurant, La reminet, is a small restaurant located near the Seine and Notre Dame. It had only a limited amount of food on the menu but everything sounded Delicious.

Matthias got himself Andalusian gaspacho with shreded preserved chicken and poached quails eggs, basil emulsion.

Our main dishes were Filet of duckling with bacon and hazelnut crust, crispy red cabbage with Xérès vinegar and roast sweet potato with spices (mine)

and Veal chop on reduced juice, yellow carrot maki, green peas and baby carrots glazed “la française” (matthias')

For dessert I had cheesecake with speculatius, Cinnamon cherries and ice-cream!

I don't like Paris or France or the french but the food!!!!! Yum!!! No wonder I gained weight even though were were walking the whole day...

Day 3, this is getting out of hand
We wanted to get up early, get ready, go to Japan Expo. In the end we arrived at Japan Expo at 2pm, only in half our cosplays because nothing really worked out. My wig hated me, the iron didn't work and our cosplays had a lot of wrinkles.
The Japan Expo is a huge convention with game, food and shopping booths, a few stages and loud music coming from every direction and it was not necessary for us to be so grumpy about our cosplays because only 10-15% of the people even wore one. That came quite as a shock because in Germany or in Austria, if you go to conventions, like 90% of the people wear a cosplay.
The area was huge and at the main shops and stages were so many people, luckily at the end of the area there were less people and you could sit on the floor.
There were shopping booths for everything, magazines, cosplay, lolita, gyaru, jewelry, cosplay, steampunk, bags, plushies, figurines, cds, dvds and key chains, etc. Short, everything a heart can desire.
I bought two of my sewing magazines "otome no sewing" for only 15€ per piece! In Germany I usually pay 22€ per Magazine...Book 4 is a bit boring because it doesn't offer me new patterns but book 5 is much better!

Dreamy bows, a company I already ordered a necklace from, also had a booth and I bought a necklace and a bracelet. The bracelet matches the ring I already have perfectly and the necklace goes well with my La pafait headbow.

 I cant't remember the prices but I think I paid 7€ for the bracelet and 15€ for the necklace but I am not sure.

And in the end I bought a Hetalia surprise keychain and got england. He is such a cutie pie.
Just look at his cute grumpy face. nawww
I have to admit that we didn't stay long at Japan Expo and we already went home at 5pm. Plus, the food was overpriced and not good at all. I ordered a gyoza menu with a drink for 12€ and got a bowl of rice and 5 gyoza. Lukewarm gyoza. Meh, without soy sauce. So Matthias got half of my rice in exchange for some curry sauce. Which was also lukewarm. Meh.

I would probably come back to Paris for a food tour but not for Japan Expo. You pay 4,4 (?) for the RER ticket, pay to get in (15€-20€), buy stuff and that was it. You also get a sensory overload from all the loud music, people talking and pushing. I feel too old for conventions already. Ugh.
But I was very glad I didn't bring my sakizou cosplay...and I didn't stress myself to finish it.

Day 4-7 will come soon with more sightseeing, disneyland, shopping and foooooood!


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  1. Huhu ich bin Miriam von deinem Tisch bei der AP Tea Party :D Hab zufällig deinen Blog gefunden! War schön dich getroffen zu haben <3