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August 11, 2014

Hello lovelies,

my project finally came to an end! I finished the costume! And even though I am not please with some details (VERY heavy wig, ribbons missing, small flowers, the saddle and tail not really fitting properly) I will change that when it's fotoshooting time! I didn't get to do any pictures at all on the con, except for random pictures for photographers and my dear friend Dee, who did some awesome portrait pictures for me.

The original picture by Sakizou!

My cosplay:
Those two pictures are from the official Nippon Nation Album on Facebook.   © Almasan Adrian

And then selfie time...
 Laura was doing Trachten Roderich Austria from Aph (Hetalia) and Dee and Matthias were doing Dean and 'Sam from Supernatural. Dee had wonderful sideburns, saddly they are invisible on this picture...

Slippeddee's instragram
And this is the picture Dee made from me. I actually had pink contacts but due to the filter my eyes look very reptilian..:)!

Nippon nation was a bit boring for us because we were not interested in the workshops or competition. They only show we watched was the cosplay contest on Sunday. Some groups were really really good! 

So for Sunday, that was my himegyaru outfit. I love being dressed like this so much but I didn't like peoples' comments on the street, stating it was a very ugly look. Oh I am sorry, I didn't know you were an expert on japanese fashion...
I finally wore my dreamv dress again. Last time I wore it was...2years ago? OTL The shhoes are from DreamV too, the bag is from Jesus Diamante (I really love it, but it gets yellow patches already? help...). I got the crown as a present from Matthias in Disneyland. It is very dear to me *_*!

I can't wait to do pictures with the costume although I have no idea how I should manage the wig again. It was very uncomfortable!

have a nice week,


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2 Kommentare

  1. Das Cosplay sieht so aufwendig aus. *-* Die Perücke war bestimmt echt schwer, wie hast du die festgesteckt, dass sie nicht runter rutscht? Ich hatte einmal eine mit hohen Zopf und die rutschte andauernd. xD'
    Leute auf der Straße sind doof, lass dir nichts sagen. >-< Es ist klasse, dass du das Diadem aus Disneyland noch weiter verwenden kannst. Das ist mit Sachen aus Disneyland nämlich nicht so einfach. xD'

  2. Was ich auch noch erwähnen wollte! Ich hab dich für den Liebster Award nominiert, näheres dazu findest du auf meinem Blog. :3