Whatever happened to my cosplay..?

August 05, 2014

Hello lovelies,

remember the cosplay I wanted to finish for Japan expo but didn't? It seems like I could finish it now for the Nippon Nation, the newest convention in Austria.
It starts in 4 days and there is still a lot to do but most of it is just details. And nobody will notice the missing details if I finish them for the grande fotoshooting. (I hope).
This is it:

 So..this is how I did stuff....
(crappy pics ahead because lazy me is lazy)
This is the to-be tail. I made a form with "Bauschaum". I have no idea what this is in English...and then I just glued the hair on it. It sounds super easy, BUT IT IS NOT BECAUSE the glue and hair sticks to everything, You have to really work neatly. Sometimes I let the glue settle with my hair dryer.

weird curls appear! I made them beforehand with lots of wire and glued them on. You can only see three but now there are a lot more on the tail. (And the big curl in front is muuuuch shorter now and looks a lot better too).
Yey for my crappy mobile camera pics.

This is the wig. It is not that full anymore and the bangs are cut correctly.

the arm thingy and the leg thingy. I didn't want to use gold paint for that but I didn't have any other choices because the 400pcs of rhinestones were not enough and I couldn't work with hot glue or normal glue. So paint it is. It doesn't look that bad but I am not satisfied a 100%. Meh.

My hand looks very dark in this picture...but yey for wristcuffs. I wanted to use an elastic band for that but it didn't turn out that flexible so now I can open and close it with buttons.
But the armcuffs are made with elastic band..(no picture here, whups) and will be held in place with a brooch.

So, things to do until Saturday:
buy lace and finish the garters
finish painting the stocking
glue roses onto the tail
finish the saddle (gold band missing)
pearls everywhere
glue/stitch satinribbon onto the shoes

as I said...details... XD

At the end of August I will attend a middle-earth festival and I am sewing elvish clothes. I want one fighter dress like Tauriel and one elf dress like Galadriel or Arwen.
Source: http://fav.me/d65d5i4

Source: http://www.pinterest.com/nerdybirdiewho/

Source: http://briellecostumes.typepad.com/briellesnotions/2011/06/arwen-dress-making-of-part-1-.html

I started with a vest for Tauriel and, as if I had the time, hand stitched a flower on it.

errrm, it looks a bit weird because I used crocheting yarn as I didn't have stitching yard at home (except for a butt load of different pink tones). But at least you can see that it is a flower? XD
Apart from the flower, I didn't really start yet. And my Connichi cosplays are piling up too. So I have to finish this project ASAP!


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