Anri wip 2

February 18, 2015

Hello lovelies,

after finishing one sleeve I was not in the mood for beginning the next one, so I started his hairpiece/crown/whatever.
The pattern I made is quite similar to a Russian kokoshnik which I found here, including a small tutorial by Atelier Nostalgia.

I forgot to take pictures of only the cut out fabric (but it would have been boring anyway, so straight to the stitched version. It only took me about 2,5h. I am getting faster. But if I do this everyday my right hand will go on a strike, I fear.

Close up of the gold stitching. I really can't remember where I bought this ribbon and there is so little left. Oh noes ;_;

He also had some green/bluish pearls on the crown, so there you go.

Things to do:
1) completely finish the ribbon stitching (two tiny details are missing)
2) stitch the wire into the frame
3) sew everything together (per hand)
4) attach a band, strip of fabric, for a better attachment on the wig

Hopefully I can finish it today!


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