Anri wip 1

February 17, 2015

Hello lovelies,

this time I have been really busy working on my newest cosplay and, because I moved again, my new flat. But I still live in a box castle. At least I build the dressing table yesterday. It's from ikea...

I have been working on my cosplay for a few weeks now, but never that constant.
It will be Anri from Adekan, not Shiro this time, and I want to finish it for Hanamatsuri.

I will do the right one in pink. Oh how I love the design of the mangaka!

The pattern for the bodice and the skirt part are done...with a little magical help there...

I got this cute pencil in Japan and it's a Sailor Moon merch. *__*

I cut out the pieces and then pinned them together. The first try resulted in a bodice which was much too wide. But this is already the more form fitting piece.

I actually wanted to colour the skirt part with spray paint but it didn't work out, at all. It all went kind of weird and not white at all.

 See this? It does look weird, doesn't it?

Therefore I decided to paint them with textile colours instead. Boooo.
I started with painting it black because I didn't have a white paint at home.
 That's a sleeve. I used tape to cover the parts I didn't want to colour.

And now for the part which will take me not only ages to complete but also looks so cute, I really push myself to finish it. Ribbon stitching the floral pattern onto the dress.
I started with drawing out the pattern on one side.

And then cutting it out. I only marked it on one side because I still needed a full sleeve pattern for the lining and the pattern is anyway symmetrical. So why bother. And me is a lazy bum.

Tadaaaah! First accomplishment.

 It grew!

Flowers on the top of the sleeve. As you can see, I only made one stitch for the petals and not two anymore. I don't know yet what I like best..

And this is the first finished ribbon stitched sleeve. My hand was dead and I worked on these for a long time.

Cost so far: 24,40€ (fabric is super cheap in Vienna if you know where to go to!)
Hours worked: 21h


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