Another May ootd

May 20, 2015

Hello lovelies,

almost two weeks and no new blogpost even though I can not say I was very busy.
But I just wanted to share a few pictures of my outfit of the day (from Saturday).
Matthias and I went furniture shopping to Ikea.

I am wearing my rabbit teeth OP with a Liz lisa cardigan. It is very simple, and casual, perfect for the very long shopping trip.

And here is the side view.

Then last week on Tuesday I went to visit my former flatmate and then meet up with my friends in my most favourite bar in Vienna.
I wore the floral dress I bought in Romania from Lashez. It is such a shame that they do not have international shipping because their clothes are really cute and amazing.
The shoes are from primark plus I am wearing the necklace Matthias gave me for Christmas last year. It is a merchandise from Kushiel's dart series, real silver, and handmade. The books are fantastic and I can just recommend them.

And last week my Tralala order arrived!
It's from the sailor moon collection and just so cute!
The only problem I have, is that the skirt is a bit tight around my waist. But this is no wonder. I have gained so much weight last year due to me being unhappy in the flat and eating all the time without working out...
But the other items fit very well, so no complains here.

Have a nice week,


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  1. I love your hair, and you have great taste in clothes!

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