ootd - Kusmi tea tasting

May 21, 2015

Hello lovelies,

another outfit of the day because I met up with my sister and we went to a Kusmi tea-tasting.
My coord therefore is tea-themed!

 I wore a liz lisa blouse and a bodyline skirt. The skirt reminds me of my fine floral china porcelain. The shoes are from DreamV/Yumetenbo and the tea clutch is from wonder rocket.

Close up of the make-up. The filter always hides every contouring or blush. Meh.

And another close up, this time of my brooch. It is from closet child. Isn't it super cute?

At the Kusmi shop, they had two different ice-teas and two different sweets for the guests.
One of the teas was a mint one, which I absolutely disliked because I don't like mint. The other tea was a fruity red berry tea with real raspberries! I liked it.
The dessert were very different. One was very creamy, and the other one had an intense caramel taste. Both also were made out of tea. I liked both of the dessert whereas my sister only like the creamy, tiramisu like one.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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