short wip Slyph Cosplay

July 01, 2015

Hello lovelies,

this will be just a short update because there is still not much to show.

Sylph cosplay
Normally, when I sew round edges, they don't turn out well. But this time I was going slow and I used a small stitch and it worked out super fine.

 This is the full length of the sleeve. It looks bigger than irl.

Detail shot. These are pre-glued flatbacks in gold, 5mm. I used my iron to glue them on and it worked perfectly. I tried to scratch one off and to test if it would come off easily, but I couldn't tear it off the fabric, which is a big plus (and a big minus if I ever misplace them.. )

Hetalia video project (I am still unsure about the name, maybe Austria and Europe or sth like that)
I started doing a renaissance shirt for Austria, I cut out strip of fabrics for the Elizabethan Ruff and I also cut out the fabric for a Farthingale, for Hungary (probably).

Laura, who plays Austria, helped me with this pattern because I was utterly confused with the instruction. I wanted a 3m wide hem but it didn't really work out without adding too many folds so we made it to be 2,5m. The next step will be to pin them all together.

Have a nice weekend,


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