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June 23, 2015

Hello lovelies,

I already hinted in some of my last few entries about my new projects and now I am able to finally write something about it.
Some of you may know that I am a huge Hetalia fan, since...maybe 5-4 years now and I came up with the idea to do a cosplay video (without the music though) with my own Hetalia stories revolving around Austria, because duh, I live in Austria, study (Austrian) history and I breath Austrian history every single day.
To be honest, the only real thing it will have in common with Hetalia is the personification of the countries/a specific area, their characters and their looks. I am writing my own stories and anecdotes about Austria's history with the neighbouring countries. All of the clothes are my own design, based on historical research because I find the clothing of the Hetalia series to be very, very inaccurate. I am not only designing them, I am also sewing them and therefore I have even less time to make my cosplays. But that doesn't worry me because I am not really into anime atm and I would rather sew cosplays from artwork I like (Sakizo, Disney, etc) or series (like Penny dreadful. I love Vanne Ives dresses, or Lucrezia from the Borgias, etc).

Yesterday was the first of many filming days. I plan to do one filming day a month, so the project will go on very slow. This is due to the timetable of all my friends. My friends and I will all play 2-3 characters (because we are so few and there are so many countries) and not everyone has time at the same time.
So, the first filming took place with Matthias, Laura, Patrick and me. We had Austria, the Roman empire and Hungary/Magyar planned for the first episode which revolves around Austria's youth. I will not make it in any chronological order because I will always find new anecdotes and therefore I will jump through the years.
Here are some of the costumes I made:

Austria, early medieval

Rich men could afford more fabric and therefore their tunic were longer. I totally missed doing those leg wrappings but one can't see the legs most of the time anway? It has a gold, woven band as a trim. Over the red tunic came a brown, pinned cloak. A black long belt (bit too wide, should have been more narrow) and a black leather pouch completes the assemble.
We had different shoes (see the last picture) but we kinda forgot to put them on. orz

Baby Austria
It's just a long white dress with a blue cloak. The cloak has a white trimming while the white dress/tunic has a manly pink stitching. 


  Very earth coloured with light and dark green, brown  and gold. Only the tunic underneath and the trousers are white/beige/ecru.

I am working on the next few scenes and once I have 3-4 and a proper opening, I will publish the first part on youtube.

Have a nice week,


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