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December 11, 2015

Hello lovelies,

After I finished my Steampunkdress (right in time for the photo shooting) I decided I wanted to start with my 50s blazer immediately.
Burda sold a whole magazine dedicated to vintage patterns from the 50s.

And this is the blazer I am talking about:

And this is the technical drawing:

The instructions are in German only and even to my eyes and ears they sound super gibberish. I figured out what some of the things are but I have no idea what the want from me with the pockets in the front. So I will hand sew them...?

This is the front part draped on my sewing doll. The white fabric is the inner lining of my poket.

Close up. The chalk is almost gone by now and by the end I have to redraw it...I see it coming.

This is the back. My doll has not my measurements (for now) and therefore it may look a bit too big.

Another close up. The folds are almost in one line, almost.

That was the day before yesterday and yesterday I had my free day and worked some more. I could join up both parts.
 The pokets are still pinned in place and I have to sew the front sides. But as I said, the Burda instructions are very unclear.

 I joined the back part just to see how it looks like. The collar is really huge and I don't know if I really want that. Maybe I'll shorten it...
Also the back part looks a bit messy but I just threw it over my sewing doll this morning without fixing it. Better picture and more wip will follow on the weekend.

That's all for now, the crappy pics don't really make it justice :(.

Have a nice weekend,


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