My cats and I

December 06, 2015

Hello lovelies,

this post will be about my private life again and espeically about my cats. My two lovely rascals.

Before I start with my pic spam, I got two new items from Alieexpress again!

The first item is a strawberry pullover. (I am addicted to strawberry stuff. I think I got everything with strawberries on it!)
The left pullover is for Matthias. Even though it is from Snk it is not really my style, as you can see from the pullover on the right side.

And of course I had to wear it the next day. It makes my shoulders look huge! But apart from that it is really soft, comfortable and warm. Right is the outfit I wore with it when I went out. The shoes I wore are the ones I got. The brown doesn't match the brown on my coat but I don't care....

All in all, the shoes were about 25€ and the shipping was quite fast. I ordered size 37 as asian shoes always come one number smaller (in my opinion) but and these shoes fit but may be a bit too tight. 37,5 would have been perfect but there is no such shoe size so it's okay too.

I really like the shoes and the pullover! So far, nearly all of my items from Alieexpress where super good. Thumbs up for that site.

So, enough of my new things and onto my cute cats.

 He looks so suspicious!

All the best, 


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