New Sakizou project

January 12, 2016

Hi lovelies,

I am again starting with a new Sakizou cosplay. But don't judge me. Her designs are so wonderful, I could cosplay each and every lady in her artwork.
And my newest cosplay will be her fairy design.

It is cute and simple, for her standards.
I started with the top. To emphasize my breasts, as in the pictures, I decided to do some boob cups.

It looks a bit weird as a pattern but it really does look okay once everything is assembled.

The boob cups consists of three pieces. They are made to form a cup and they fit very well.

It is just a minor detail but the fairy on the picture has small stripes on her cups. So I stitched on white lace. It is not really visible but that was the goal.

She has some kind of decoration on the side of her dress and I pondered on what I should do and came up with the idea to add some pearls on white lace. The colour scheme was to be radiant, from white to dark brown on the bottom but as my friend commented, it looks very messy.
I am not so sure either I like it but I started it and spent long hours doing it so I won't undo

 it now.

In fact I already started the other side too, so whatever. :/ Maybe I'll get to like it later on...

At least this is what I hope...

All the best,

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2 Kommentare

  1. Huii, wieder ein Sakizou Cosplay <3 *__*
    auf jedenfall die Outfit sieht niedlich aus und ich finde das mit Perlen ist ne super Idee als Design, wobei ist mir lieber die Kugeln oder Pailetten aber es ist nur ein Vorschlag von mir :3
    Bin gespannt auf die Ergebnis!

    1. Ich hätte es vielleicht wirklich besser mit richtigen Perlen machen sollen und nicht mit stäbchen :(. Vielleicht kann ich die Blätter und Blumen auf der Spitze ja noch mit Perlen verzieren! Danke für den Vorschlag.