Fukubukuro 2016

January 15, 2016

Hello lovelies,

this will be a long post about my fukubukuros 2016.
I got two Liz lisa, one swankiss, one rosemarie seoir and one Innocent world fukubukuro. And I picked up both from my post office yesterday.

There is a video of the unboxing but the camera had a problem halfway through and therefore only the Swankiss and Innocent world unboxing was filmed. Sorry for that.

 Innocent world:
I got the 30.000Yen Lucky pack. Including shipping and taxes I paid about 400€ for all the items.

I don't think I will buy it next year.

I got two pair of socks, only the white are over the knees.

I really like the skirt.

I also like the bonnet. The colour is lovely.

The dress is a completely different matter. I don't like how it looks, especially with the little cape. At first I thought I wouldn't get it off at all. I am glad that it does go off. The dress is not really my style but maybe it looks better worn...?

I am always in need of cute blouses so I am really happy about it.

The Swankiss Fukubukuro was 15.000Yen and I liked their stuff more.
Except for the black blouse/shirt, everything is white or pastel. Yessss!

 The skirt is a bit short but it glitters!

 The dress is so so so soft (and pretty of course).

 The lace shirt/blouse has a cute pompom infront.

 The pullover is thick for japanese standards and the colour is a pastel purple. I have no idea what Baby love rabbit means..?

 At first I thought the coat was made out of real fur? But then I looked closer and it was only plush fabric. Phew.

The bag is HUGE. Really huge. If you haven't seen the video..I could hide my torso behind the bag.
And in the evening I was joking around that the bag could eat me and put it over my head. It did get down to my shoulders...but trying to sit in it didn't work. At least my butt is bigger than the bag.

The swankiss luckypack is so much better than that last year. I am so happy I bought it.

I ordered the RoseMarie seoir lucky pack because I expected getting clothes. But I got accessoires instead and no clothes. Fine with me too!

 I like the design of the plastic bag so much! And there is even a handwritten note from the staff. I can't read japanese but it is probably a thank you note? SO CUTE.

I have seen these earrings already and liked them a lot. I am happy I got them in my fukubukuro!

For the luckypack alone I paid 5.000Yen and I got 5 items. This is a very good deal!

As for my Liz lisa fukubukuro I ordered the the 5.000Yen and 15.000Yen set, both in sweet.
The 5.000Yen set contained the items which were shown on the reveals.

It is not really that spectacular. The bag is just a bit bigger than last year.

And this is from the 15.000Yen sweet pack:
 It has three items plus the bag. My swankiss bag was also 15.000Yen and it had five items plus bag. And the bag is huge.

 I don't like the skirt at all. So I am selling it!

 The blouse is cute. I just don't like the brown ribbon but I can take it off (I think).

 I really like the design of the bag. I anyway love floral everything.

 Finally a short jacket! I am hoping to find one since last year. The pockets has ribbons and it also has a hood. Perfect.

These were my luckypacks from this year. Next year I will fly to Japan again and I know I will buy more luckypacks. A lot more :D.

All the best and have a nice weekend,

Aurîs Lorgol

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