A new collar

February 08, 2016

Hello lovelies,

Winter is crochet time for me. I don't know why I like it so much in Winter but almost never crochet in summer.
Last Saturday Matthias started to crochet a few hats for his ball jointed dolls and my fingers got itchy for that hook too.
And I still have a lot of crochet pattern at home and immediately started a new project. Not that I have a buttload of projects still waiting in my sewing room. Nooo, not at all.
In about 20h~ from Saturday to Thursday, although most of the work was done on Sunday, I finished a collar.

It is a bit asymmetrical on one side because I used a hook which was too big for the yarn and therefore had to take less loops. In the end, I misscalculated and I had to cheat a bit. But all in all I like my project very much.

 The back definitely looks better than the front!

The imperfection is on the left side.

Oh well, it still looks good!

Have a nice day,


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