Cheap lolita coord

February 06, 2016

Hi lovelies,

my lolita community is doing a “throw together the cheapest lolita coord possible” contest and this is what I came up with. I hope it counts because it is still over 100euros? |D

Hat: Taobao (offbrand), about 16€ with shipping
Blouse: from a 5 piece Angelic Pretty 10.000 Lucky pack set, so this item would be around 20€.
Pink ribbon: handmade by a friend, I bought it for 5€
Skirt: Bodyline (second hand) 23€
Petticoat: Classical Puppets: about 25€
Bag: from the same Angelic pretty lucky bag, about 20€.
Socks: H&M, I added lace and ribbons. About 6€
Shoes: Second hand, offbrand or replica, 20€

And because I love to take pictures with and of my cat, I had to grab her again for some pictures. Of course, those pictures are not the ones I sent for the contest.

My poses are a but weird because she squirmed a bit.

Photographer: Pi from Shooting in Vienna. Thank you, sis.


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